Offshore Installation Engineer

Different company uses different term; Offshore Installation Engineer; Project Engineer/Field Engineer. The Field Engineer reports to the Operation Engineer/Senior Field Engineer/Project Manager. However, the SOW for all the above is the same – It is a simple – develop the installation procedure and execute it offshore.

Generally speaking, the company that offshore installation engineer work for is called Offshore Installation Contractor (OIC). This means that we have been subcontracted to carry out the installation works. As OIC, the work scope can be divided into 3 main categories:



The offshore structure/pipeline/FPSO will be loaded out from a fabrication yard on the barge.


Once the offshore structure/pipeline loaded on the the barge, they will be transported to work site. In case of the FPSO, it will be towed to the site.


The construction vessel equipped either with a crane or pipeline tunnel or both will installed the offshore/pipeline at site.

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