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The author was born on 10 of August 1984. Started working in the O&G industry at 23 years old after graduating from Australian Maritime College in 2008. Author has over 11 years’ experience in the oil & gas construction industry ranging from structure installation, rigid pipeline installation, FPSO installation, flowline installation, cable installation, pre-commissioning and decommissioning.



“Job title is not important, what matter is the sincerity to work and the willingness to   perform job. A person needs to have the interest in learning not only to benefit himself but also the people that surround him and the company.”

– Alfan Abdul Rahman



The author early life is a secret……


2017 (June): Available for Work

Currently unemployed and looking for a job

2014-2017 (June): LS Cable Systems Qatar

LSC-Name Card-English
LSC-Name Card-Arabic

After having enough commuting by motorbike from Johor Bahru to Singapore for 1 year and a half, the Author had an offer to work with LS Cable System Qatar for a 132kV Submarine Cable Project. The client is QP. The Author Scope of Work of here is being a client to the Subcontractors performing the cable laying plus other subsea works. The main factor the Author join this company although it is not an Oil & gas company and the salary offer was not any much higher compared to EMAS-AMC is because the Author does not longer want to spend half of his life traveling on the road by bike to the workplace in Singapore. The Author is very much grateful with the decision so far as the Author has more family time since moving to Doha. Remember, not everything is about the money.

LS Cable System (http://www.lscns.com/) is a Korean Company and is one of the world’s largest power cable manufacturers.

2012-2014: EMAS-AMC Singapore

Initially the author did not like working with EMAS-AMC. The author thinks the main contributing factor is because coming from an ALL Malaysian working environment with previous companies. However, the Author has to say that so far EMAS-AMC has offered the most enjoyable working experience in my career up to now. This is because EMAS-AMC exposed me to different kind of offshore experience ranging from multiple pipeline installation in a year (approx. 10-15 pipelines), multiple platforms installation in a year (approx. 5-10 platforms),  deepwater pipeline installation, FPSO installation, FPSO decommissioning, Pipeline pre-commissioning.

EMAS-AMC is a Singaporean Offshore Installation Contractor (OIC) Company (http://www.emas.com/)

2009-2012: Sigur Ros Turkmenistan

The main reason the author joined SGRSB was to gain pipeline installation experience plus the Author would like to work overseas. With this company, the Author learned a lot of hands on experience on deck from cutting steel plates, welding pipes, doing up rigging knots and etc.

SGRSB (http://www.sgrsb.com/offshore/) is a Malaysian Offshore Installation Contractor (OIC) Company Based in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

2008-2009: TL Offshore Sdn Bhd

The Author life as a field engineer began here. The interview for the job was actually conducted in a car. The interviewer had an important meeting to attend but at the same time he forgot that he had an interview with the Author. So instead of re-scheduling the interview, the interviewer got the Author to take ride with him in his BMW car after that it was all history when the Author was offered the job the following day. At this company, the Author only managed to gain on offshore structure installation. The problem with the company was it was divided into 2 groups. 1 for structure installation and the other is for pipeline installation. Once a person in a group, it is then difficult for them to join the other group leading to the Author’s exit from the company.

TL Offshore is a Malaysia company and the largest OIC (Offshore Installation Contractor) in Malaysia. It is a subsidiary company of Sapura Crest Petroleum. (http://sapurakencana.com/)


Australian Maritime College, Tasmania – Bachelor of Eng. (Ocean Eng.)(Hons) – 2003-2007 – GPA: 5.5

Australian Maritime College, Tasmania – Bachelor of Eng. (Marine and Offshore Systems) – 2003-2007 – GPA:

Bachelor-of Eng-(Ocean Eng)
Bachelor-of-Eng-(Marine and Offshore Systems)

Related Subject Undergone:

  • Subsea Engineering
  • Design of Offshore Systems
  • Design of Offshore Structure
  • Project Engineering
  • Floating & Deepwater Structures
  • Design Project
  • Hydrodynamics of Offshore Structures
  • Research Project – Pipeline On-Bottom Stability
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Structure Analysis


Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET)

CSWIP 3.1 Level 2 Certificate Holder

PCN NDT Radiographic Interpretation Course Level 2


Married to a lovely lady/wife and bless with 2 wonderful daughters


So far so good…..no controversies surrounding the Author


All the below recognition was not upon request. It was given sincerely by my employer. As I always believe that if you know how to your job and the company will appreciate you and not vice versa requesting the company to give you credits!! 



Approved CV By QP

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