Things Enjoy Being/Doing Offshore


– One stop center: office, accommodation, toilet, galley

– Everything is FREEEEEEEE!!!!!

– Save a lot of money

– Getting offshore allowance

– Get to travel to other countries

– Do not need to care about appearance – attire, facial treatment (hair & beard).

– Free chopper ride – others are willing to go on a helicopter when field engineers can go on for free

– In-lieu day off. Depends on the company. Some gives for every 7 days you work offshore you get 2 days off and some gives for every 6 days on and 1 day off.

– Can wear the same clothes over and over again day by day

– Free medical Check-up; depends annually or bi-annually


– Coordinating scope of work with vessel superintendent

– Going on deck to see to see the operations

– Taking photos of offshore operations


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