I would like to extend my arm and say thank you to the below people that have played a major role in bringing this blog to live.


Like any son in the world, both of you are the most important part of my life. Words cannot describe how much both of you mean to me. Although I do not say I love you to both of everyday, deep in my heart I wish I could do that every now and again. Thanks for raising me to where I am today and may all the goodness and praise from people reading and visiting this website be bestowed upon you.


To all my family siblings, thank you for being my brother and sister. It has been a privilege to grow up together.


Thanks sweetie for nagging and poking fun beside me all the time about producing this blog. Without your sweet voice and jokes this blogs would not have materialized. And thanks to my 2 lovely daughters teaming up with their mum constantly supporting her in having a go at her dad. Love all three of you a lot.


Of course this website would not have been possible if you guys had not employed me. I would like to say thank you for having your trust and believe in me to be part of your prestigious organization.

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