Job Description


Specific responsibilities of the Offshore Installation Engineer include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Ensuring that all work carried out safely in compliance with HS&E policies and procedures.

-Actively participate in project Job Safety Analysis, if applicable, and communicate and implement these.

-Recommend changes in the technical details, drawings, where these may result in safer and better installation procedures

-Reviewing and retaining project drawings and documents, report to the Project Manager discrepancies, errors and omission with respect to the information required to perform the work.

-Ensure the work is within the capabilities of the proposed equipment.

-Maintaining project files in the office and in the field in accordance with project requirements.

-Preparing Installation Procedure in accordance and with due regard for safety. The scope of procedures required will be defined by the Operations Engineer.

As a minimum, the procedure(s) will outline the following:

– Methods, techniques and practices to be used to perform to work.

– The sequence(s) to be used to perform the work.

– Installation aids, temporary works and consumables required to perform the work.

– Developing (or reviewing those provided by others) loadout and seafastening plans for the transportation of materials / structures to the offshore site that facilitate safe and timely installation.

– Prepare material lists for construction materials and project consumables, and liaise with the Project Coordinator for procurement of requirements.

– Issuing “Loadout Lists” applicable to the work in accordance with the recommended practice.

– Coordinate with required departments to ensure that necessary equipment and personnel are available and readied for the project.

– Witnessing / inspecting pre-rigging, loadouts, seafastening and acknowledging the receipt of fabricated structures, line pipe and other materials to be installed offshore. Developing checklists and inspecting loadouts in accordance with procedures.

– Coordinate with the fabrication/yard Engineers/manager and verify loadouts of fabricated items required for the project.

– Liaise with the customer representative and various subcontractor representatives at the offshore site and with the Operation Engineer.

– Ensuring the contract / project related documentation is maintained and / or transmitted to the Client Representative at the site:

– Review Daily Progress Reports.

– Change Order Notification in accordance with contract specifications.

– As-Built Documentation (sketches, records, videos) in accordance with approved procedures.

– Monitoring the progress of the work and site conditions and advising the Operations Engineer of any development that may result in changes to the project schedule and / or execution sequence.

– Advising the Barge Superintendent and / or Barge staff including Subcontractors (such as Surveyor, ROV, NDT, Pile Monitoring personnel) regarding the planning and execution of the work and the contractual and technical aspects of the work. Issuing field sketches, data sheets and checklists in the field where required for information purposes for the Barge staff.

– Participate in the resolution of any technical problems arising during offshore installation and assist in the formulation of corrective action requirement.

– Planning and supervising the execution of pipeline pigging and testing operations in accordance with approved project procedures. Responsibilities will include:

– Assisting with procurement of all consumables.

– Marshalling of all equipment.

– Pigging and testing calculations and procedure preparation.

– Supervising and documenting all operations and operating instrumentation.

– Completing pigging and testing reports.

– Preparing Post-Job Reports in accordance with the Procedures.

– Preparing / collating as-built documentation and records in accordance with the contract requirements and the approved project indices.

Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Operations Engineer or any superior that the field engineer is reporting to

The Offshore Installation Engineer liaises with the following personnel:

– Project Manager

– Vessel Superintendent

– Diving Manager

– Safety Manager

– QAQC Manager

– Survey Manager

– Purchasing Personnel

– Subcontractors


Job scope and responsibility are the same as offshore installation engineer except the senior position shows that he/she has more experience. The senior engineer is to overlook the offshore installation engineers that are under him/her and supervise and assist where required. 


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