11 – Things You need To Have When Going on Deck of Barge/Vessel

Importance of the items are presented in sequence:


The most important thing to have with you all the time during on shift. It is the bible for you to succeed.

Reason – Record the activities happening during your shift because when you are on shifts as Field Engineer you are responsible person to report everything to the barge foreman/deck foreman or Offshore Construction Superintendent/Offshore Construction Manager.


Level of importance is the same as the pocket size note book. This was the first thing I purchased with my 1st salary and so far it is the best investment I have taken offshore. Plus, snap every photo that you think it will make you as a better Field Engineer.

Reason – no camera, this website would have been impossible.

3.0 PEN

Obviously to write in the note book

Reason – unless you are planning to write with blood


To store all your gadgets when you are on deck. Although the coverall has plenty of pockets everywhere, I still do not prefer to use them.

Reason – you tend to forget to remove things out from the coverall and the next thing you know is it destroyed during the laundry service. Good example is a memory stick and a cigarette lighter for the smokers where it can turn out to be a HSE issue. Imagine a cigarette lighter ending up in a dryer!!!!

5.0 BELT

To secure your fanny pouch to your waist.

Reason – the pouch is too big to be inserted into the coverall pockets


Does have to be a scientific calculator. You would not want to be scribbling all over the deck floor/ tunnel wall to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.

Reason – some SIMPLE calculation needs to be perform straight away on deck


To open boxes, cling wraps and goods on deck. Be careful, you might lose this at the airport check-out customs in certain country or even the port customs. Some port you have to go through the security gates for luggage scanning, they might confiscate it.

Reason – you may not want borrowing a knife from a rigger all the time. Plus once you have borrowed, you may forget to return it and you may sometime misplaced it on deck and may never be found again.  


Do not need to purchase. Get it onboard the vessel. Normally the brand is Motorola VHF GP328

Reason – make you look like an important field engineer


Again sometimes you need this chalk to do permanent markings on the material such as steel plate, pipeline and etc.

Reason – Pen does not work on all surfaces all the time

10.0 CHALK

Sometimes you need this chalk to do temporary markings on the material such as steel plate, pipeline and etc

Reason – Pen does not work on all surfaces all the time


Reason – You do not want to go up and down the stair just to get you USB thumb drive. Some vessels the QAQC offices, HSE office or subcontractor office are at lower decks compare to your field engineer office on the vessel

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