About Website

The author observed and feels that there are no websites or specific link to actually mention what an Offshore Installation Engineer does in an Oil and gas construction sector! Plus a lot of websites also do not share the experience and scope of work as a Offshore Installation Engineer or Field Engineer.

I repeat the key word here is CONSTRUCTION . There are other fields that use the same term offshore filed engineer but they could be involved in a completely different scope of works. ALL Photos shared in this blog is solely taken by me and not copying from others website.

Again, whatever I am writing in this entire blog is based on my experience. God willing so long as I am alive and continue working in the OFFSHORE Construction sector, I am will keep updating and share my wonderful work life experiences.

As for the job recruiter out there, this website gives you a better understanding of my working experience instead of just going through the CV where it has to be so comprehensive and everything has to be squeezed into 3 pages.

Kindly take note that that so some sections is blank or will only have dummy text. Also, I have tons of photos to be uploaded which will take time. As time progress, I will update it. Not easy to write 10 years of experience in a short time. God willing this website will be up to date by the end of next year 2019.

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