Famous Quote


You are a field engineer, you should know everything

If you have not heard this quote when you are offshore, then I think you life cycle as a offshore field engineer is not complete. To me this quote sometimes gives me some satisfaction and sometime causes grief. Satisfaction is when you can answer the queries regarding the on going operations and grief when someone ask you such as what is the size of the bolt of the vessel propeller, what is the weather forecast like (when the weather forecast report is not even out yet)?


I have been in the industry for 30/40/50 years and I have seen everything

This is often heard from the old timer such as offshore construction superintendent and barge foreman on the vessel when something out of the odds have to be done to rectify a situation.


I have been in the industry for 30/40/50 years and I have not seen such thing

This is said when there is a screw up somewhere along the line in the offshore operations. Anybody from the engine room, deck crew to the bridge will say this.


Offshore is not for everyone

This is actually true. Believe it because I have met and seen these people before. These individuals are normally suitable to to desk jobs.


I have done everything in the offshore industry

This type of person is normally ex offshore personnel that has joined the management level. I like to call this type of people “NATO” – No Action, Talk Only. The reason is that they can ramble on and on for non stop and talks without even thinking. What ever comes first to his mind, he will just let it out. When you ask to produce some evidence that he has done it before, he will scramble something on a piece of paper to make it look like a drawing and that is it. He cannot show past photos or procedures to acknowledge that he has done it before. Plus they are normally IT illiterate.


The internet is not fast enough, food is crap, food menu is boring, my cabin is too small, the TV in my room is too small, I want a single cabin and the list goes on and on…..

This is what I called a whinging client. Get over it. We are offshore to execute the job and did not come for a cruise

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